MRC Global Chevron Relief Header Replacement Chevron 2.5 Spec Pipes, Fitting, Flanges
Golden State Bridge SF Transportation Authority
– Yerba Buena Island Ramps
Inorganic Zinc Girders, Plates
Flatiron Corporation Inc Willits  Bypass Hwy 101 Silicon-Epoxy 100′ Beams
XKT Engineering Trans bay Terminal Center Zinc/Epoxy/Urethane Columns, Rings,
Misc. Structural Steel
CK Johnson Presidio Parkway Zinc/Polysiloxane Form Plates
Olson Steel UC Davis Schrem Museum Zinc Misc. Tube, Columns
Ameron/NOV Calaveras Dam Replacement High Performance Epoxy 78″ Water Transmission Piping
Jeffco Painting Inc SFPUC SE WPCP Epoxy Urethane Digester Assembly
XKT Engineering Presidio Parkway Inorganic Zinc Assemblies, Beams, Plates
SFMOMA Big Crinkly – Alexander Calder Zinc/Epoxy/Urethane Sculpture
Tip co Engineering Dominguez Channel Bridge Thermal Spray 24″ Pipe Piles
Att Howe – SF Museum SFO International
– Rufino Tamayo Sculpture
Zinc/Urethane/polymer Sculpture
Cannon Construction Hallidie Building Zinc/Urethane/polymer Railing Braces
Kiewit Infrastructure
West Coast
Harry Tracy
Water Transmission Piping
Elastomeric Polyurethane  78″ Piping

Golden Gate Bridge – Fort Point South Structures Replacement

Steel Structures Processed through ABC Shop – Blast and Inorganic Zinc Prime

Conoco Phillips Refinery – Rodeo

Pipe Racking and Supports – Cementicious Fireproofing Applied by ABC through our shop

Mary Ave Bridge

Complete Suspension Bridge Assembly

Bardessono Inn Restaurant Spa and Hotel

Blast Only Plate – Exterior Facade