Metallizing Coating Info & Benefits

Metallizing is the general name for the technique of coating metal on the surface of non-metallic objects.

  • Metallizing spray coatings have the ability to be built up to a greater thickness and provide a durable finish.
  • Metallizing was the first type of thermal spray process, developed in Europe around 1910.
  • In an emergency metallizing can be used as a build coat for the Plasma or HVOF spray process when a heavy build up coat is needed and there is no time to remanufacture.
  • Metallized spray coatings are the most economical of all the different spray systems.
  • Metallized spray coatings are considered a “Cold Spray” process, meaning that it does not get the base material over 300 degrees F.

Applications For Metallizing Coatings

Compressor Repair

  • Refinery High Temp Pipe Spools
  • Pipe Piles
  • Beam Piles
  • Misc Structural Steel
  • Pumps and water treatment applications

Materials & Capabilities for Metalized Spray Coatings

Metals – 99.9% Aluminum; 85%/15%zinc Aluminum

Coating capacity – Various. Most applications and sizes can be coated. Inaccessible areas need to be reviewed before coating can be entertained.

Typical coating thickness – Up to 25 mils thickness